Jake and Christy

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Our Story

Squeezing through a tight crowd toward a bar located in the lobby of the Cobo Center during Merrill Hodge's live broadcast at the NFL Experience, a rowdy group of girls from Pittsburgh were called over by a deep voice owned by a tall guy named Jake. Hanging with a squad of yinzers posted up at the End Zone Bar and Grill in Detroit, Michigan, Jake offered the girl group a shot, then pulled a bottle of Jagermeister out of his buddy's jacket and poured each girl a tall glass. This is when Christy met Jake. The day prior to Super Bowl XL, cheers-ING the Pittsburgh Steelers to a "Here We Go" win against the Seattle Seahawks, with a bottle of liquor that wasn't purchased at the bar. The Steelers' catchphrase for the playoffs was "One for the Thumb," a reference to having four previous rings and needing only one to fill out the hand. Who knew another Pittsburgh ring would be claimed during Super Bowl XL on February 5, 2006, and that this chance encounter between Jake and Christy would one day lead to one for the ring finger.

The road to the Super Bowl led Jake and Christy to Detroit. There they clutched a friendly connection that continued back home in Pittsburgh, then strengthened when Christy shipped off to Boston. The more than 500 miles of travel distance was not a distraction. They committed to see each other as often as possible, and Jake routinely traveled to visit Christy every chance he got. Why not, Boston is a wicked fun town, plus he was sure to have good times with this Pittsburgh girl, no matter what the city. In July 2010 the couple sealed the deal and went from long distance dating to official relationship status. Soon enough Christy B was back in the Burgh and on The Island with Cowboy Kohan.

Since 2010 the relationship has blossomed. Eight and a half years and 2 dogs later they love their Island life and have made a home together. Surrounded constantly by a tight-knit group of friends and family, Jake's kind eyes say it all...he loves the life they share. When they say I do on October 26th we'll witness a bond that's true. Cheers and congratulations to Jake and Christy. You've proven love is the shortest distance between two hearts.
Susan Moyal